Australia's leading robotics service provider.

We are an innovative services company using unmanned systems and remote sensors to deliver unprecedented outcomes for our clients.

Fulcrum is Australia's leading provider of innovative mult-disciplinary services to the industrial, environmental & technology sectors.

With our highly skilled people and world class systems, we can tailor cost-effective solutions for any problem/ requirement.

How can our robotic technology improve your business?

Our Team


Michael is Fulcrum's Managing Director, CASA Chief Pilot.

Prior to establishing Fulcrum in 2014 Michael had held several CEO, Executive and Board Director roles spanning 30+ years in the industrial, utilities, aquaculture, sporting and disability services. Michael also had stints as Executive Project Director roles in for Water, energy generation and distribution companies nationally.

Michael is a technology and robotics specialist, experienced in using robotic technology as an aid to re-building and rejuvenating legacy business practices across multiple industries whilst developing services and technologies that improve safety, promote efficiency and reduce costs.

Responsible for aligning and driving Fulcrum’s national commercial and technology strategies, using technology as a disruptor to the status quo setting and exceeding benchmarks in organisational effectiveness, and business performance, cost and risk management.

Michael has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to blend technical, operational and commercial strategy to deliver business objectives, whilst transforming the performance and culture of large and small complex organisations.


Prior to establishing Fulcrum Robotics with her husband, Mike, Janelle was an Oncology Nurse.

She has since removed the stethoscope and taken the role of company secretary. Janelle keeps the office ticking smoothly whilst the team are in the field.

Dan is one of Fulcrum's Robotic Operator Specialists, UAV pilot and everyone's go-to IT guy in the office. He is an extremely dedicated and hard working member of our team with a focus on detail, compliance and safety. He is a highly practical person with a strong work ethic, extremely driven to advance the robotics industry. Dan has a strong background in civil construction and technology making him a very handy member of the utilities team.

Dan Mythen

Emma savage

Emma is a recent UTAS graduate with a major in Marine and Antarctic Studies, majoring in Marine Biology and Ecology, with a minor in data technology.

Emma is Fulcrum's newest recruit, joining our team as an Environmental Officer. She plays an integral role both in the field and environmental reporting. 

Chris is Fulcrum's General Manager - Engineering & Projects leading our Utilities stream.  Chris is an engineer with significant national experience operating UAV & ROV/cleaning systems.

Chris has over 100 logged hours of UAV flight experience in complex industrial environments, over 50 hours logged on cleaning systems and a bachelor of mechatronics & aerospace Engineering (Honours) degree .


Chris Groth-Semple

Max is one of Fulcrum's Robotics Operators and Infield Technician and pilots.  With certifications in environment and forestry management, weed control, chemical application & management and fire management.

Max rounds out the team with a range of practical experience & skills.

Max Larkin

Liam Thompson

Liam is Fulcrum's General Managers leading the Environmental Team. He is an environmental scientists with over 10 years' experience in the aquaculture industry in a range of roles. Qualified in UAV and ROV systems operations and a Bachelor of Environmental Science.

Liam is a fully certified CASA drone pilot for Fulcrum.

Mark is one of Fulcrum's State Managers in Utility Inspections.  Mark leads our Aerial Program with a focus on safety and compliance. Mark was a Chief Pilot for Tasmanian Police force for 20+ years and has an acute focus on safety, risk and people management.

Mark johnston


We have a solution for every situation. We make the impossible possible.


We use the right tools and right people to deliver on time and on budget.


At Fulcrum Robotics we are energetic, committed, and innovative. We do not accept the impossible, because with study, invention and collaboration, there is always a solution.

Australia’s leading remotely operated vehicle (ROV), Aerial and Terrestrial investigation and intervention company, Fulcrum Robotics delivers a safer option for performing high risk and important compliance operations.

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