Aided with the latest laser 3D laser scanning and software technologies, our skilled team capture environments and objects efficiently and accurately.

This was a simple walking scan, completed in 10 minutes collecting outstandingly accurate data.

The scope of applications for 3D laser scanning and CAD modelling is many and growing. The built environment and objects can be scanned with millions of 3D points in minutes and stored as a 3D point cloud with millimeter measurement accuracy. Point cloud data can be converted to mesh files or directly imported and modeled in most CAD tools.

While much of our work is in scanning energy, water, commercial, industrial, marine, engineering, civil and heritage objects and sites for measurement and modelling, we also scan objects for manufacturing and reverse engineering. There are many applications for our 3D laser and CAD modelling services. Our team of highly skilled professionals can transform the 3D scanned point cloud data into output formats that are the foundation for virtual walk-through’s, product and structural design, as built documentation, visualization, and analysis as well.

- Energy network as built mapping and measurement
- Vegetation mapping in easements and corridors
- Site measurement scanning for Engineers and Designers
- Reverse engineering of objects and sites into CAD Models
- Confined space mapping and modeling
- Dam surveys 3D asset inspection and measurement
- Surveying mining slopes, rock faces and tunnels
-Scanning for precise structural and floor deformation measurement
- Measurement of complex mechanical structures and machinery
- Benefits plant and building maintenance and refurbishment
- Waste water and water treatment plant and infrastructure scanning/modelling
- Commercial and Domestic Exterior and Interior 3D Feature Surveys
- Drainage analysis and erosion control and storm water treatment
- Change analysis and deformation detection
- Verifying as-built against plan – integrating construction progress into BIM
- Heritage preservation, protection and renovation
- Eliminate time consuming & error prone manual survey measurements
- Cladding and Facade scanning and measurement

We offer the latest in 3D laser scanning to deliver cost effective 3D measurement and modelling.




Teaming up with Trendspek, Fulcrum delivers clients with rapid asset capture, and 3D models with an unprecedented level of detail. Already an innovator, Mike hopes to see this more advanced and accurate form of inspection become business-as-usual for asset owners around the country and the world.

About the project

Why did Fulcrum decide to use Trendspek’s software and 3D models?

The reason we’re using Trendspek, is because the quality of the data output is very high when compared to other systems. Other systems are good, but they are focused on mapping and produce lower quality 3D models. The client looks at those models and thinks they’re nice and that’s about it.

We do a lot of asset and environmental work, so we need to be able to sit down and show clients what the issues are. They need to be able to interrogate the models, and those issues, to form an opinion that has an engineering aspect to it and produce a clear and confident outcome.

Our clients like to do things the old way, so we were looking for a software solution that had that granularity in terms of data quality, and that focus on risk mitigation.

How did Trendspek provide a more accurate solution for the Water Works in Hobart?

Typically, we’re engaged to bring information on an asset to a customer that may be related to a very specific issue. For example, using Trendspek, we developed photogrammetry and thermal models for local storages in and around Hobart, including older dams because they typically want to know if there is any horizontal or vertical cracking occurring in a specific locations on a dam wall.

This is a highly political and social issue, the failure consequence rating for many dams around the greater Hobart area is typically quite high. We were confident the old software wouldn’t give us the level of clarity our clients needed to make the required decisions.

In many situations, our client needs to understand the state of any defects, cracks or other deformation, so engineers can form an opinion on whether they would take the asset out of service– very big, important and costly decisions.

Because of the nature of the assets, it’s also very useful for the client to be able to refer back to the model on an issue in the future.

How did Trendspek reduce costs and increase safety?

Large dams can be really dangerous if they aren’t managed well.

The models we provide are so detailed and so accurate that a client doesn’t need to engage a lot of roped contractors to undertake a detailed inspection of the asset. The model was able to show us and the client where the issues were, and they were then able to target physical inspections, if required.

Large dams can consume multiple man days of rope work, Fulcrum was able to cut down to just one day of capture with drones, and a highly detailed 3D model produced in 24 hours. There’s a cost saving and a move towards much safer practices.

How does Trendspek compare to traditional models?

I’ve got two models for a large irrigation dam, one in Trendspek and one on another platform. For Trendspek, the pixel resolution is down at 2cm or below.

Using the other platform, I can’t see anything, I can’t see the texture of the concrete or cracking in the concrete. When I use the model in Trendspek, the texture and any defects are obvious.

That level of forensic clarity is what leads to an outcome, it leads to that image being sent to the engineer to get advice or form a decision with confidence.


Dredge Robotics, using tactical technology to manage assets and the environment.

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