Our Technlogy

The development of autonomous robots that can navigate through unknown environments with minimal human intervention is one of the most challenging tasks in robotics research today.
UAV Drones
Submersible ROV's
potable water robotics
Dredging robotics
vessels and vehicles

UAV Drones

CASA licensed and approved unmanned aerial services offering highly professional image, video, data capture and processing.

Both Fulcrum & our pilots are CASA accredited exceeding 1000 hours combined flight time we have the experience required to operate in challenging environments. Fulcrum's equipment is the best and latest on offer, they are licensed to 25kg and able to fly at night. Fulcrum Fly with only the best sensors including thermal, optical, LiDAR and multi-spectral. Fulcrum is also a leader UAV based application of products such as seeding in forestry coupes and herbicides in agriculture and the utility sectors.

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We provide

Asset Inspections such as energy networks, dams, bridges and towers.
Aerial Surveying and Mapping
Aerial Environmental habitat surveys
Aerial LiDAR for complex highly accurate surveys.
Live streamed aerial services
Aerial sowing and forestry mapping.
Aerial spraying.

Aerial thermal imaging
Aerial multispectral imaging
Aerial and terrestrial ultra-sonic thickness assessment
Asset condition assessments and repairs
Dam surveillance in accordance with ANCOLD guidelines
Aerial incendiary

Air Services

UGV Terristrial Crawlers

Fulcrum operate Australia's largest & most diverse range of UGV's (Unmanned Ground Vehicles)

Fulcrum's UGV's can reach distances exceeding 1000m, scan and record the most challenging environments. They can enter and traverse the complex environments including confined spaces, mining slopes, tunnels and pipeline. Our magnetic crawlers can climb steel tanks and walls conducting visual, optical and UT testing.

UGV Terrestrial Crawlers - What can they do?

Asset condition assessment & repairs
Confined space inspections & mapping
Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Confined space inspections & mapping


Fulcrum Robotics require less operators & time; there is no need to drain a pipeline/tank or excavate access points.
Our crawlers are deployed into confined spaces and operating environments, significantly reducing occupational health and safety risks.
Our CCTV pipe crawlers have high-resolution, colour cameras which capture high-quality images, making it easier to determine asset management & maintenance requirements.
Tooling and Sensors - We can add a variety of tools onto the ROV such as; pipeline imaging, navigational suite and gas sampling.


Fulcrum operate a large fleet of ROV (Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle)s and Commercial Vessels in 2C Survey.

Fulcrum's ROV's can dive to 300m for 8 hours at a time, we can assess, record, manage and manipulate virtually any submerged asset or environment. Our people are qualified to operate in all scenarios holding all required qualifications.

Submersible ROV Uses

Environmental surveys
Marine maintenance
ROV Benthic habitat surveys
Dam surveillance in accordance with ANCOLD guidelines
Sonar/side scanning
Sediment sampling and testing
Salvage operations
Inspection of underwater infrastructure and condition analysis


To support the delivery of our services, we maintain several complementary assets including:
Commercial vessels in 2C survey
Barge and Quad Bike
Base Station and Head Office/Admin


Reduced Costs and less personnel required to operate
Significant reduction in occupational health and safety risks
Improved Data Quality & Collection
Tooling & Sensors - We can add a variety of tools to the ROV, such as; Imaging sonar, BPS tracking system, leak detection system, laser-scalers, Ultrasonic Thickness Tester (UTT), navigation suites and manipulator.


If you monitor equipment or regularly have to repair products for customers, IoT will revolutionise how you work. No longer will you need to send a person to assess the site. You will receive all data and alerts directly to your PC or smart device.

At Fulcrum, we make assets smarter, even in the most rugged environments. We use GPS/GSM and other communications technologies to bring asset data, devices and software together.

We work closely with our clients to develop tracking of remote and mobile assets unique to their needs. Whether it is the tracking of vehicles, cargo, people, mobile assets, marine/boating, even animals, if it moves, we can help you keep your eyes on it.

Why use IoT?

Reduced Costs
Improved safety
Safety and risk
Improved efficiency
Preventative maintenance
Theft recovery/remote immobilisation
Accident and rollover notification
Lone worker safety
Driver/operator behaviour monitoring
Tamper alerts
Driver sign on

Potable Water Robotics

Australia's largest fleet of cleaners means we have the capability no matter how difficult the job.

Today, the importance of saving water is steadily increasing. Traditional cleaning of all types of reservoirs has required draining with staff inside the reservoirs. Not only does this put lives at risk, but it also poses an unnecessary waste of water.

What we do

Reservoir cleaning and condition assessment
Pipeline surveys and inspections
Replace confined space inspections with remote tracked vehicles
Feral animal mapping in closed catchments
Unique and secure online customer portal to access all reports


Auditing, monitoring and compliance.

Fulcrum’s monitoring is central to managing environmental compliance programs. We have qualified marine scientists supporting the EPA’s goals of compliance through assessment, documentation and evidence collection.

Fulcrum has experience in environmental auditing across various sectors including environmental, safety and quality management systems and various certification bodies. We can operate within complexed regulatory and commercial environments with fully trained, experienced ROV pilots and both commercial and scientific diving teams.

Our expertise

Reporting to governmental and research bodies
Benthic ecology and visual assessment compliance
Nearfield and broadscale impact assessments
Pipeline infrastructure inspections
Zone of influence and outfall assessments
Depositional and concentration modeling
Data management
Real-time and long term logger deployments, monitoring and data processing
Water quality program development and assessments
Hydrodynamic assessments and monitoring
Sensitive habitat assessments and ongoing monitoring
Reef and ecosystem assessments
Species identification and threatened species management (EPBC)
Underwater asset inspections
Remote sensor installation and maintenance
Environmental and asset management plans

Complimentary Assets

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Streamlined and Efficient Delivery Services (Huntingfield Offices & Workshops)
Mobile Base Station
Commercial In Survey Vessels

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