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Environmental Service Sectors

Fulcrum use Remotely Operated Robotic Technology to provide safe and effective access to hazardous environments remotely. We perform inspection, survey and intervention using the latest unmanned robotic technologies and sensors. A leader in Australian robotics inspection and testing service providers, Fulcrum are the first company with the ability to mobilise multiple unmanned systems and sensors in the air across land and the sea.  We combine our technology with skilled senior staff who have decades of experience in consulting with environmental engineering and regulatory bodies.


Fulcrum has been working with the major Australian Aquaculture companies for many years. We have established long term service contracts with clients and pride ourselves on our reliable and accurate services. With third party audited ISO certification in Quality, Safety and Environmental systems you can engage us with confidence.

We have considerable demonstrated experience in:

Environmental compliance surveys in accordance with EPA requirements.
Benthic habitat surveys.
Remote power supplies.
Remote sensing technologies.
Asset inspections and condition assessments.
Sediment sampling.
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Environmental Regulation and Compliance

Our senior staff have decades of experience in consulting environmental engineering companies and regulatory entities. We understand that the potential application of Robotics for mapping and monitoring within the environmental sector is almost endless. The high-resolution aerial imagery can be used to identify existing features either through visual observation or automated classification techniques.

We have considerable demonstrated experience in:

Environmental compliance surveys.
Benthic habitat surveys.
Invasive species identification and management.
Flora/Fauna assessments.
Monitoring water birds, pest species and vegetation change.
Locating and monitoring koala populations.
Air quality monitoring.
Mapping and identifying weeds with automated algorithms.
Monitoring pest mammals with thermal cameras.
Water flow/discharge volume analysis.
Assessing pre and post environmental water delivery.
Monitoring coastal and fluvial erosion and stability.
Progress reporting to funding agencies.
Carbon farming reporting.
Constructed wetland audits.
Our staff work throughout Australia and frequently travel to remote areas. With a diverse range of robotic systems and sensors we have the capability in-house to custom integrate sensors and complete the most challenging environmental projects.
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Fulcrum has been working with the forestry sector since 2013. We have developed tools to help effectively manage plantations and monitor regeneration.

We have considerable demonstrated experience in:

Blue, pine gum plantation survival counts.
Drone based sowing and thermal imaging.
Multispectral inspections.
Plantation height and health analysis.
Monitoring of timber residues post-harvest and post burn using thermal.
Disease detection and damage analysis.
Seed and bug / beetle identification.
Aerial Spraying/Seeding.
Insurance claim mapping.
Fulcrum utilises drone-based software method for tree counts, regeneration species analysis, tree height, diameter and volume derivation, plantation health and post-fire analysis. We apply a dedicated fixed-wing drone equipped with specific cameras, applying optimised camera settings and lenses.
Our approach provides a complete, repeatable, cost and time-efficient process for analysis of compartments or an entire plantation.
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Investment in large grid-scale wind and solar has boomed over the past decade. Fulcrum has been providing topographical land surveys to developers and monitoring assets throughout this time. We have also conducted asset inspections and condition assessments. Robotic survey and inspection services has been demonstrated to assist with the development and maintenance of solar and wind energy developments.

At Fulcrum we have demonstrated experience in:

Due diligence data capture for asset sales.
Solar and wind farm pre-development topographical survey (over 30,000ha completed in 2018).
Solar farm thermographic defect monitoring.
Wind farm blade inspection.
Transmission line corridor survey and inspection.
Substation, turbine and powerline inspection.
Construction monitoring and aerial timelapse.
Our services enable efficient design and regular predictive maintenance check-ups. We have the best available technology and partner with the global leader in PV thermography to provide analysis and reporting.
Our team of employees operate across regional and remote areas. All staff are equipped with training and equipment for remote area work and comprehensive risk assessments are undertaken prior to any deployment.
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Over the past 7+ years drones have become established as an integral tool in the kit for surveyors. With the capability to capture data accurately, safely and efficiently, the technology has been widely adopted. The perceived simplicity however has seen many questionable practices that have led to poor data outcomes.

Since 2014 we have been leading the charge on providing quality drone survey data capture services. Our comprehensive ISO 9001 certified quality assurance checks and processes give our clients confidence in reliable and repeatable data.

We work with a range of survey companies providing cost-effective aerial data capture services. Some survey companies have their own drone resources but prefer to commission us to complete the larger projects. Other survey firms prefer to engage us to undertake all drone-related tasks whereby not taking on the technical, commercial and financial risks themselves.

We offer photogrammetric and LiDAR capability and have worked through all the issues associated with data volumes and format compatibility for survey clients.

Our typical survey projects are:

Dam surveys.
Civil earthworks such as roads & land development.
Mines, quarries & landfill analysis.
Floodplains for inundation mapping.
Coastal erosion and asset monitoring.
Landslip assessment.
Drainage analysis.
Contaminated land mapping and survey.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.


Landfill sites are dynamic and solid waste organisations increasingly require frequent and detailed survey information to manage this ever-changing environment.

Our services include:

Topographical surveys.
Airspace calculations.
Stockpile volume analysis.
EPA reporting.
Drone based landfill gas monitoring.
Thermal mapping to locate and monitor underground fires.
Unauthorised filling or dumping of waste monitoring.

Our methods allow for more frequent surveys to provide the data you need to tightly manage your site. Our approach provides high-resolution and accurate survey outputs. We offer a higher spatial resolution than traditional ground or aerial survey and eliminate the need to access active areas.
Typical turnaround time from a survey data capture to delivery is 72 hours. Data can be supplied in either local grid or MGA and is typically compressed and thinned to mitigate problems associated with drone data volume.

Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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