Industrial Service Sectors

Fulcrum serve industries​ where remote access via robotic technology not only provides a safer approach to inspection and intervention, but a more cost effective solution than conventional services can offer. A leader in Australian robotics inspection and testing service providers, Fulcrum are the first company with the ability to mobilise multiple unmanned systems and sensors in the air across land and the sea. We are your complete solution to robotic inspection and sensing services.

Fulcrum perform submerged inspections and works using ROV’s, terrestrial pipeline inspections using crawler tractors and deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that perform industrial aerial inspection, thermal imaging, photography, 3D modelling, LiDAR & mapping.


Engineering - Providing data for Civil Engineering projects is one of Fulcrum’s core businesses.

Typical examples include:

Analysis for slope stability, landslips, cliff, seawall and coastal studies.
Survey for road, rail and bridge projects.
Inspection of structures for visual condition and mechanical stability.
3D models for existing built assets.
Models and images for demolition projects.
Line of sight capture for microwave link connectivity.
Survey for irrigation design, flood and hydraulic modelling.
Monitoring gas and power transmission corridors.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Asset Management

As well as using robotics to inspect and manage specific assets, Fulcrum also has experience working with asset management clients for large scale and ongoing asset monitoring, maintenance and compliance programs. Fulcrum people ASME Plant Inspector qualified staff with decades of experience.

Our experience across a range of clients includes:

Power lines, reservoirs and towers.
Pipelines, tunnels and confined spaces.
Dams, weirs, piers and irrigation assets.
Roof inspections for facilities management.
Communications towers and critical infrastructure.
Internal confined space inspections.
Road and rail bridge 3D modelling and inspections.
Solar farm thermography and wind turbines.
Power stations, gas and LNG facilities.
Thermal Imagery aerial and terrestrial.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

Most of our clients provide Fulcrum with an asset register and inspection specification and let us manage the inspection works on an ongoing basis, either capturing the data for their own analysis or where appropriate independently reporting and highlighting any issues needing attention. Fulcrum’s in house online inspection data platform’s can be used to host the visual inspection imagery and 3D models, and we can also use or integrate with your own internal or 3rd party asset management systems.

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UAV Industrial

We have offered aerial services for many years. Both Fulcrum and our pilots are CASA accredited exceeding 1000 hours combined flight time we have the experience required to operate in challenging environments. Our equipment is the best and latest on offer we are licensed to 25kg and able to fly at night. We fly with only the best sensors including thermal, optical, LiDAR and multispectral. We are also a leader UAV based application of products such as seeding in forestry coupes and herbicides in agriculture and the utility sectors.

Asset Inspections such as energy networks, dams, bridges and towers.
Aerial Surveying & Mapping.
Aerial Environmental habitat surveys.
Aerial LiDar for complex highly accurate surveys.
Live streamed aerial services.
Aerial sowing and forestry mapping.
Aerial spraying.
Aerial sowing.
Aerial incendiary.
Aerial thermal imaging.
Aerial multispectral imaging.
Aerial and terrestrial ultra-sonic thickness assessment.
Asset condition assessments and repairs.
Dam surveillance in accordance with ANCOLD guidelines.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Fulcrum has been working with major mining and quarry companies for many years. We have established long term service contracts with clients and pride ourselves on our reliable and accurate data. With third party audited ISO certification in Quality, Safety and Environmental systems you can engage us with confidence.

Mining and Quarrying are ideal cases for drone data capture, assisting with services such as:

Stockpile measurement and reporting.
Full site survey.
Environmental monitoring and management, including vegetation auditing and spraying.
Inspection of ancillary infrastructure such as rail lines or processing plants.
Models and ima3D site capture to assist with safety and compliance issues, e.g. site inductions, traffic management, road gradients, safety signage, buffer zones, incident reporting.
Bathymetry survey of dams and ponds.
Asset Inspection for conveyors, bins, chutes and communication towers.
Confined space inspections.
Drone and crawler based Ultra Sonic thickness assessment (UT).
We can also support you to get your own Robotics program underway.ges for demolition projects.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Waterways and Coastal Ports

Fulcrum has extensive experience working in major ports to facilitate asset inspection and monitoring.
Having completed many projects in and around ports it has become clear that there are many opportunities to enhance port operations and asset management.

Typical services include:

Asset inspection of elevated assets such as cranes, loaders, buildings.
Under wharf LiDAR scanning.
Creation of a digital twin of the port to assist with traffic management and safety management.
Monitoring the inside of facilities and buildings.
Surveys of breakwaters and seawalls.
Laser scanning tanks for deformation modelling.
Inspections of channel markers and navigational aids.
Volumetric survey of bulk goods.
Integration of all drone-based inspection data in in house linked to existing asset management systems.
Remote boat-based under wharf condition assessments.
Remote underwater vehicles to inspect piles.
Bathymetric survey.
Thermography assessment of conveyors.
Confined space inspections of storage tanks and ship holds.
Fulcrum offers support to your in-house operations, one-off data capture and data hosting in our in house software.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Construction and Land Development

Fulcrum has been working with land developers and their consultants to solve their data needs since 2013. With a variety of drones at our disposal we operate safely within the urban environment.

Using our Robotics, we have demonstrated data capture and presentation including:

Periodic earthwork and fill reconciliation for contractor milestone payments.
Land contamination volume analysis.
Dilapidation surveys.
Endangered species location and monitoring.
Construction monitoring.
Vegetation assessment for constraints analysis.
Topographical surveys for flood and drainage studies.
Monitoring construction progress on large sites, eg. solar farms.
Drone-based survey and inspection services offer huge time and cost efficiencies for developers.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Power Generation and Distribution

We have considerable experience in monitoring energy station assets having. We use drones, laser, thermaland corona scanners and other remote tools to efficiently capture data safely and efficiently. We have demonstrated that drones offer considerable advantages compared to traditional inspection approaches.

Our team also have experience in power transmission and distribution monitoring with skilled drone operators trained in working in high voltage environments.

We have demonstrated experience in:

Internal inspection of confined spaces such as chimneys.
LiDAR powerline and energy asset surveys.
AI surveys of powerline defects.
Live streamed inspection data.
Power stations inspections.
Thermography and visual inspection of power lines.
Thermography of power station assets.
Substation inspections.
Vegetation encroachment in power line easements.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

The benefits of our industrial drone survey and inspection include a detailed high-resolution photographic record of the asset condition including any defects, the ability to access hard to reach areas, reduced downtime and reduced safety risks associated with such inspections. Our in-house software too assists with data analysis and integration with asset management software. We are also able to intergrate to SAP or other solutions through custom API development.
Our specialised drones can also be used in confined spaces, although there are also challenges when using drones in confined spaces, such as lighting and propeller turbulence our experienced pilots are highly trained in these potentially hazardous environments.

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Water Utilities

We manage a vast array of assets to provide their potable water and wastewater services. Robotic survey and inspection services offer huge time and cost efficiencies, as well as quantifiable safety benefits by removing the need for personnel to gain access to locations.

Focusing on the outputs, Fulcrum has experience with data capture using drones, submersibles and remote bathymetric survey boats.

Typical services for water utilities have included:

Reservoir cleaning and condition assessment.
Buildings, dam deformation and spillway inspections.
Pipeline surveys and inspections.
Replacing confined space inspections with remote tracked vehicles.
Topographical surveys for dam-break modelling/simulations.
Feral animal mapping in closed catchments.
3D tank modelling and inspections.
Aerial gas detection.
Storage analysis of reservoirs and dams using lBathy and LiDAR.
Internal inspections of tanks, pits and pipes.
Thermography to identify water leaks or electrical faults.
Stockpile surveys for annual reconciliation of bio-solids.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Telco and Radio

Our Industrial Drones are the perfect solution for inspecting tall or inaccessible assets such as communication towers.

Working primarily with the engineering firms and asset owners we have completed projects including:

Asset Inspection of towers or masts structural integrity, corrosion and infrastructure attachments.
Checking connections of guy wires.
Inspection and documentation of the inside of building assets.
Terrestrial and aerial laser scanning.
Line of Sight (LoS) assessment to determine links between existing and proposed structures.
Complete and accurate 3D survey of proposed greenfield sites to facilitate design and construction.
3D modelling of structures.
Fulcrum has a solution in our in Site platform to host all data and include emission lobes, LoS paths, integration with asset management systems together with virtual site visits.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Over the past 7+ years drones have become established as an integral tool in the kit for surveyors. With the capability to capture data accurately, safely and efficiently, the technology has been widely adopted. The perceived simplicity however has seen many questionable practices that have led to poor data outcomes.

Since 2014 we have been leading the charge on providing quality drone survey data capture services. Our comprehensive ISO 9001 certified quality assurance checks and processes give our clients confidence in reliable and repeatable data.

We work with a range of survey companies providing cost-effective aerial data capture services. Some survey companies have their own drone resources but prefer to commission us to complete the larger projects. Other survey firms prefer to engage us to undertake all drone-related tasks whereby not taking on the technical, commercial and financial risks themselves.

We offer photogrammetric and LiDAR capability and have worked through all the issues associated with data volumes and format compatibility for survey clients.

Our typical survey projects are:

Dam surveys.
Civil earthworks such as roads & land development.
Mines, quarries & landfill analysis.
Floodplains for inundation mapping.
Coastal erosion and asset monitoring.
Landslip assessment.
Drainage analysis.
Contaminated land mapping and survey.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

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Local Government and Council

Council and other local government agencies have been at the core of Fulcrums work since 2014. We offer flying and data hosting services but also support local government in developing their own in-house drone programs.

Our typical survey projects are:

Mapping, survey and view assessment for planning and design.
Building, roof and sports field lighting pole inspections.
Road and bridge inspections.
Landfill and quarry surveys.
Documenting heritage sites and buildings.
Geotechnical surveys.
Flood and drainage topographical surveys.
Coastal erosion mapping.
Read more about the technology we use to provide our UGV and LiDAR services.

Whether you need a project flown, would like to implement your own drone program, or are seeking a data hosting solution, we have the skills to assist. Contact us to discuss your needs or to organise a senior Fulcrum staff member to present at your local council staff.

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