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***Media Release***

Friday 15th September, 2023

Students from the Taroona High @UTAS program will converge on Dru Point in Margate today/tomorrow for an exciting Environmental & Technology Robotics Demonstration Day.
This event aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers while fostering a deeper understanding of the critical role of unmanned vehicles in addressing environmental challenges.

It is a collaborative effort between Taroona High @UTAS and leading Australian Robotics Company, Fulcrum which is committed to nurturing young minds’ curiosity and passion in STEM fields.

Fulcrum Company Director, Janelle Larkin, said “This is an exciting opportunity for young minds to explore the fascinating intersection of technology and environmental management.”
“By fostering a love for STEM and nurturing an appreciation for our environment, we hope to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.”

Taroona High School Principal, Charles White said “We are proud to partner with a Tasmanian company to showcase to our students the endless possibilities that a STEM education can provide.”

Fulcrum environmental expert, Emma Savage, said “Since graduating and starting my career with Fulcrum in 2022, I’ve learned how to fly an ROV, a drone and gained my Coxswain Grade 1 certification.” “I’m really pleased to share my experiences with students and help them to visualise what a STEM career could look like for them.”

Event Highlights:
Hands-on Learning: Students will be able to engage in hands-on activities, including operating remotely operated vehicles (ROV). They are designed to tackle various engineering and ecological issues, from monitoring water quality to addressing pollution and condition assessment of infrastructure.
Expert Demonstrations: Experts in environmental science and engineering from Tasmanian based Fulcrum Robotics will conduct live demonstrations, showcasing the real-world applications of robotics and drone technology.
Interactive Workshops: Specialised workshops will explore the science behind robotics and their role in environmental management . Students will be encouraged to ask questions and explore their interests.

Career insights: Informational sessions will open the minds of students to the diverse career paths available within STEM fields in Tasmania using robotics.
The following opportunities for vision and photography will be available:
A databasing activity, where Students will operate UAV (drones) and ROV (submersible) from the Fulcrum robotics boat, which will be at the Dru Point Jetty. Students will identify species and take photos via the ROVs.

Australia’s leading robotics service provider, Fulcrum Robotics is Tasmanian-owned and operated, based in their facility at Huntingfield. Fulcrum provides Terrestrial, Submerged, Marine and Aerial robotic services for environmental and industrial projects worldwide.
Fulcrum is committed to providing training and development opportunities for those wishing to pursue a career in the fields of environment, engineering and robotic unmanned systems.
Emma Savage majored in Marine and Antarctic Studies at UTAS, graduating with Honours First Class at the end of 2022.
She works at Fulcrum as an Environmental Officer, and has become the main ROV pilot for the Environmental team. She has also recently attained her Coxswains Grade 1 NC certificate.

Student(s) from Taroona High @ UTAS:
Year 11 Helen Lawrence (did the drone CERT III last year – Repl and AROC -better than 90% in her exams , doing Physical Sciences (physics and Chemistry) this year and looking into engineering as a career in the future, she is already on the lookout for work opportunities using her existing qualifications).
Year 12 Ben Scott – Also did the Cert III last year, also excellent results in both CASA exams – doing Engineering Design this year – and has thoughts of the armed forces or search and rescue (already did some work experience in this area).


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